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Unveiling a Safari haven: The rebirth of Jamala Madikwe

In the heart of Madikwe game reserve a phoenix has risen, Jamala’s newly built main lodge promises an unparalleled blend of luxury and wildlife wonder. The culmination of meticulous planning and a dedication to recreate an unforgettable safari experience. The lodges rebirth is a celebration of nature and opulence.

Jamala stands proudly and seamlessly in it surrounding landscape offering guests a beautiful space overlooking the famous Jamala waterhole.

Every corner of the lodge has been crafted with comfort and enjoyment of guests in mind. We kept the main lodge space clean and open with endless views of the savannah plain and waterhole. The interior adorned with local art and beautifully curated furniture.

The lodges unique offering the “sofa safari” still sits proud on the front deck, imagine yourself lounging comfortably with a gin and tonic in hand as wilderness unfolds before your eyes. The expansive windows and decks create an immersive experience, allowing you to witness the drama of the African bush without leaving the comfort of your seat.

A true sanctuary for the soul. Beyond the captivating wildlife Jamala aspires to be a true sanctuary of luxury, expansive outdoor and indoor living areas, numerous pools on the main deck, wine cellar, spa and gym. We have also introduced a new upper level containing the library and a birds eye view of the surrounding Dwarsberg mountain range.

We believe the newly built lodge marks a new era of luxury safari hospitality in Madikwe Game Reserve, with refined guests spaces and mesmerising wildlife experiences. We look forward to hosting you in this incredible space very soon.